Miss Your Girlfriend? You Can Get Her Back.

Have you been thinking, or saying, “I miss my girlfriend”? If so you should know that it is always possible to reconnect with an ex. All you have to do is figure out how to go about it. What to do and what not to do. There are some things you should avoid at all costs if you really want another shot at working things out with your ex.

get your girlfriend backObviously I don’t know you or what kind of person you are. I don’t know how you treated your girlfriend or if the breakup was mostly your fault or hers. But what I do know is that in most cases there are some common reasons that relationships fall apart and knowing the causes, and the cures, can go a long way to making sure you can get back together again.

There really is an art in being the type of man that can always keep his girlfriend happy and content. Like most things it’s a skill that can be learned and the easiest way to learn it is by enrolling in a proper girlfriend getting training course. The course we recommend is the Girlfriend Activation System and you can read a review of it here.

In most cases people have one or both of these issues in their relationship: a lack of respect for their partner and/or a lack of communication. Figuring out which one you have problems with and finding ways to get over those problems can go a long way to making you a better person and that can go a long way to making your girlfriend want to be with you again.

When people complain about their relationships one of the first things I ask them is: do you still treat and talk to your partner the way you did when you first met? For example, are you polite? When you want something from your partner do you ask them for it and say please or do you ‘order’ them and neglect to say please or thank you? I’m sometimes appalled at the way I hear couples talk to each other. If you are more polite to the person who gets your coffee than you are to your girlfriend, you have to wonder why. Why would you be more polite to a stranger than to your girlfriend? Kind of weird isn’t it?

So, start there. Take a long hard look at the way you talked to and treated your ex. Try to see what areas you can make some improvements in and make them. I’m not saying that you are the only one that needs to make changes, but for now you can only change you. If you and your ex get back together hopefully she’ll face her own issues and make whatever changes she needs to make, but for now you worry about you.

Common problem two is that many couples don’t know how to talk to each other constructively. They will argue and bicker and feel resentment because their partner doesn’t ‘get’ them but they don’t really communicate. Many times we just aren’t good at asking for what we want. We somehow expect our partners to just ‘know’ what we are trying to say. Newsflash, most of us aren’t mind readers so if you (and your ex) can’t learn how to express yourselves in an easy to understand, non accusatory way you’ll never get anywhere. Learn how to politely and respectfully ask for what you want. And encourage your partner to do the same.

For all you guys who are saying “I miss my girlfriend and I want her back” this advice can really help. Not only will it help you become someone she would want to be with, it will also help you become a better man and that is always a good thing.

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How to Avoid Rejection When Going in for ‘The Kiss’

Ever wondered how you can get a girl to kiss you without being rejected? This article is going to show you HOW, and you’ll learn how to get the girl to make the first move.

going in for the first kissA lot of guys worry about being rejected when they go in for a kiss, or have tried to kiss their date and kissed her cheek instead. Moving in for the kiss is a technique that’s simple to master, but you will need to learn the basics before you proceed.

It’s understandable that many men worry about being rejected when trying to lean in for a kiss for various reasons. After all, you would have invested a lot of time and effort to even get to that point in the first place. Then if you feel like things are moving nicely, and are then rejected when you try for a kiss, it can seem like a huge blow to your ego. It may even put you off going in for the kiss again in the future, and may do some damage to your confidence levels. You don’t want this to happen.

Secondly, messing up the first kiss can make it harder to get your date to kiss you in the future. You would feel deflated, and perhaps even worry that she’s just not that interested. Truth be told, many guys don’t even have the opportunity to learn how to go in for the kiss because it doesn’t actually happen very often.

On night out, guys will have to meet a girl at a bar, get to know her, and find out if she’s interested – all BEFORE they can even think about going in for the kiss. There may have been a rejection at any of these stages, so getting to the point where you are able to kiss your date can be daunting concept. There are many hurdles that you – and your date – will have to climb before you even get to the point where both of you are thinking about ‘the kiss’.

However, a technique has been developed which gives you a fast-pass to success. You’ll be able to avoid failure and kiss your date successfully – and prevent rejection from happening again in the future.

This technique is called the ‘Kiss Technique’ and involves you giving off subconscious triggers when you are talking to a woman that will make her want to kiss you. These triggers let your partner know that you are interested and that you want to kiss her.

The first step is to not hesitate. The more you do hesitate, the chances of you being able to kiss your date dramatically decrease. She will begin to build up reservations and get the wrong signals from you. Before long she might even get bored. You DON’T want this to happen.

When you go in for the kiss, you will need to do at the right time in the right way. Otherwise you are just going to come across as a little bit needy. And being needy isn’t a quality that most women admire.

But how do you show you are not needy? Well you will need to come across as if you don’t care about rejection, and that you are sure that your date will want to kiss you. This is what they call the Kiss Technique.

This technique involves two concepts that make it easier to master the perfect kiss. The first one is called triangular gazing. This is what happens when you get to know your partner and build a rapport with her. It involves you looking into each other’s eyes, and then gazing at her mouth. When you want to kiss someone, you will often look at their mouth as you are subconsciously thinking about kissing her. This thought is closely linked to the actual action of kissing someone. Thing of the two eyes and mouth as a triangle, hence the concept of triangular gazing.

Some even say that if you look at a woman’s mouth and you think about kissing her, you will suddenly become more attracted to her. The same thing happens with women – they will often look at a man’s mouth while subconsciously thinking about kissing him. These glances can be very subtle and you might not pick up on them.

The second concept in the Kiss Technique is called mirroring. You might have heard about this one before. It’s a concept that is often taught in social psychology, and can happen in a whole number of different situations. Basically mirroring is when you ‘mirror’ someone else’s actions as you build a subconscious rapport with them. This can include mirroring their body language. You might not know you are doing it, but if you are interested in someone and find them attractive, it can happen without you even knowing.

Mirroring your partner can help to build a rapport between the two of you, and when you combine this with triangular gazing, your partner will be anticipating a kiss from you.

But how do you know if your partner wants to kiss you too? Well if you are talking, look at her mouth for a second or two, and then back to her eyes. Then look at her mouth for a couple of seconds again. Repeat this throughout the conversation and see what happens. If your partner happens to look at your mouth as well, it could mean that she is interested and wants to kiss you.

The Kiss Technique can often make it much easier when going in for the kiss on an important date, and will eliminate all the awkwardness and rejection that can come with a new relationship. It can help you to build a rapport with your partner, and could let you know if she is interested and wants you to kiss her.

Remember to always stay confident when talking to your partner, as many women find this an attractive quality. And next time you want to kiss your date, just think about the concepts listed above. Don’t hesitate, choose the right time to kiss your partner, and read all the signals.

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Unmasking the Mystery of Approaching Beautiful Women

Every single man has been there. We see and meet beautiful women every day. We get nervous and sometimes stand frozen trying hard to think about what to say to a beautiful woman. Fearing rejection we helplessly watch the beautiful woman walk away. Many men can attest to the fact that the prospect of walking up to a beautiful woman and talking to her can be quite daunting. We know of friends who would not flinch even at gun point but meeting a new woman is a whole new situation to them. The kind of men who would rather run miles on a broken leg than meet a new beautiful woman.

Though fate may have favored you by doing all that is necessary to bring the exact girl at the exact place that you are at the exact time that you happen to be there, the fact remains that it is now your time to take action. What action do you take? Do you stare at her hoping she will come over and talk to her? Do you act the loser and offer to buy her a drink then go home poorer? The answer is NO! That is not the way to meet a beautiful woman. Here is how to approach a beautiful woman.

You OPEN her. What! The “opener” is that line used to initiate a conversation. It is often the very first sentence that is exchanged between a man and the woman he desires. You have heard of “pick-up lines”. They are forms of openers and can be anything that gets the beautiful woman talking.

Why is an opener so important? An opener is like a door key. To put it simply, if you don’t OPEN her, you are probably never going to see her again. The probability of you getting into any form of relationship is almost zero. Through an opener you can further an interaction that can culminate into a relationship. There are many threads from the opener for you to follow and your options can only be limited by your beliefs and social skills.

Start the conversation RIGHT by showing interest and flirting. If you do not do it the right way, you will not go anywhere. Opening a woman is not only knowing what to say but also showing interest in her. The words you say must be complemented good timing and body language and speaking with the right tone.

Timing is very important in every aspect of life. You can’t do anything at any time. This can not be more true when approaching women. The general rule of the thumb says that the quicker you can approach her after noticing her, the better. Avoid taking too much time before talking to her as you will start talking yourself out of the target and get tempted to stay in your comfort zone.

Body language says so much about a person. Bad body language sends signals to the beautiful woman that the man is weak or not confident and is a major turn off. When you wake up, do so at an angle and don’t approach her dead on.

Though most men like walking to her in a straight line, this only causes her defenses to rise. There’s no need to make your work harder. Turn your body slightly to soften the confrontation by subtly pointing your shoulder at the target.

Finally, maintain a smile and use a soft tone. How to approach a beautiful woman will not be your problem any more. Good luck!

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